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Author Empowers Kids to Bring Characters to Life in Free Contest

In the heart of our community, a young and talented children's book author is on a mission to inspire creativity and imagination among the younger generation. Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus, a local author, recently released her second book in September, unveiling characters that have been a part of her life since the age of 9. With the release of her latest creation, Jennifer is reaching out to children aged 12 and under for a unique opportunity to become a part of her next literary adventure.

 Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus - Submitted Photo - Good News America
Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus - Submitted Photo

The Journey of Creativity: From the vibrant imagination of a 9-year-old to the pages of published books, Jennifer's characters have evolved over the years. Her two children, who actively participated in selecting the perfect colors and defining the characters' expressions, have contributed to the artistic journey. Now, with two books under her belt and a third in the making, Jennifer is inviting young minds to join her in the creative process.

The Free Contest: As part of her commitment to fostering creativity, Jennifer is hosting a free contest for kids aged 12 and under. The goal is to find a "new friend" for her characters in the upcoming third book of the series. This exciting opportunity allows children to unleash their creativity and have their own character featured in a published book. The contest aims to engage kids in the joy of storytelling and illustration, empowering them to contribute to the narrative.

Getting Involved: To spread the word about the contest, Jennifer has shared a captivating flyer, urging parents and guardians to encourage their children to participate. The initiative aligns with the belief that kids possess incredible creativity, and giving them a platform to express it can lead to wonderful outcomes.

How to Participate:

  • Parents and guardians can access the flyer shared by Jennifer to learn more about the contest.

  • Children aged 12 and under are encouraged to unleash their creativity by creating a character for Jennifer's next book.

  • Submission details and guidelines are provided on the flyer.

 Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus - Submitted Photo - Good News America
Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus - Submitted Photo - Good News America

A Community of Young Creators: Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus's initiative not only promotes literacy but also empowers young minds to believe in their creative potential. The contest is a testament to the belief that every child's imagination is a treasure waiting to be discovered and celebrated.

As we support and celebrate local talents, let's join Jennifer in encouraging the budding artists and storytellers in our community. Together, we can inspire the next generation of creators, one imaginative story at a time.

For more details about Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus and the contest, visit [Jennifer's Author Page].

Note: The provided information is based on the Good News submission received from Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus. Enhanced by AI.

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