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Good Deeds America

Host of Good Deeds America

"Good Deeds America" is a national spin-off of "Good Deeds Buffalo."  A local TV show based in Buffalo, NY with a mission to power simple acts of kindness.


With our national expansion, we spotlight the benevolent actions of everyday citizens across America, embodying kindness, compassion, and selfless community service.


From artists bringing joy to cancer patients to human rights activists protecting vulnerable communities, our guests exemplify the spirit of humanity.

Meet Jordan James, a 28-year-old community and LGBTQ+ activist based in a suburb of Buffalo, NY, who has made a significant impact through his dedication and advocacy.

Jordan's journey began when, as a young adult, he was denied the opportunity to donate blood due to his sexuality. In response, he founded "Blood is Blood," an advocacy group with a mission to encourage the FDA to implement non-discriminatory blood donation policies. His tireless efforts led to a substantial change in FDA policy, transforming the once indefinite deferral to a 12-month deferral followed by a 3-month deferral.

Jordan's commitment to making a difference extended to hosting several "Blood is Blood Gay Alliance Blood Drives" in Buffalo, NY. His efforts reached beyond the local community, receiving invitations to various blood drives across the region and contributing to saving over 1,000 lives.

Margie Vigrass - Jordan James's Mom at Event 2010

"Good Deeds America" continues the legacy started by Jordan James after the profound loss of his mother, Margie, in 2019.


Jordan and his family decided to donate his mother Margie's organs, which restored sight to two people and aided burn victims; Jordan found solace in making a positive impact. The idea for a talk show that focused on the "good news" in the world, born from discussions with his mother, took shape after her passing.  


Jordan hosted the inaugural episode of "Good Deeds Buffalo" in May 2021.

Now, "Good Deeds America" is a tribute to Margie's dedication to kindness and Jordan's commitment to turning grief into positivity as we extend our mission nationally, sharing stories that inspire, uplift, and honor the legacy of kindness.

In addition to his work with Blood is Blood, Jordan actively engages with the community through various giveback efforts. He attends local LGBTQ+ charity events, participates in initiatives like the Variety Kids Telethon, and serves as the emcee for various charity events, previously, Thrive Hive 22 and Clarence Bark in the Park. 

Recognizing the importance of connection during quarantine, Jordan took to TikTok to create a safe and supportive space for the LGBTQIA+ community. Through his engaging content, he has fostered a platform where individuals can have fun, be themselves, and find a sense of community, even in challenging times.

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Jordan James Moll Vigrass host of Good Deeds America, Good Deeds Buffalo
Jordan donating after year of celibacy 2017-2018
Picture of Jordan at Blood is Blood Gay Alliance Blood Drive
Jordan at Blood is Blood Community Rally
Drew Barrymore Logo - Jordan James was on Drew Barrymore
Hawke Media Image Logo - Jordan James Thanks you
Variety Kids Telethon Jordan James Appearance
Jordan James at Blood is Blood Blood Drive, Gay Alliance Blood Drive, Pride Alliance Blood Drive
Jordan James at Pride Alliance Blood Drive
Jordan James at a Variety Kids Telethon Event with Celebrity Family
Jordan James Fan Art, Host of Good Deeds America, Good Deeds Buffalo
Jordan James on Most Buffalo WGRZ
Jordan James' late mother Margaret Vigrass, (Margie)

Jordan's impactful work and dedication have not gone unnoticed.  He was featured on the nationally syndicated "Drew Barrymore Show," where he shared his story about losing his Mother and how he became the host of "Good Deeds Buffalo",  they also discussed the success of his "Pride Alliance Blood Drives."  These drives have become a symbol of advocacy, saving lives, and advocating for non-discriminatory blood donation regulations. 
Drew Barrymore not only endorsed Jordan as "My Hero", but also said "We were inspired by each other",  Drew's Genuine Kindness didn't stop there, she partnered with "INDOCHINO | Custom Men's Suits"  to gift Jordan his very own Custom Suits as she found he
has had to shop secondhand most of his life and as he started "Good Deeds Buffalo" shopped at the local Salvation Army that his mom worked at years earlier, where he picked out his iconic "Red Polo".

Jordan at one point, could only say, "I don't know what to say, but thank you!",  a moment that Drew, Jordan, and Erik will never forget!

Drew Barrymore Introduced Jordan to Erik Huberman the CEO of Hawke Media an Outsource CMO Agency (Al La Carte Marketing Agency), Erik had a similar challenge starting his agency, and similar to Jordan stopped at nothing to achieve his dreams, Jordan's dedication to Good Deeds Buffalo and highlighting other peoples good deeds inspired Erik and his team at Hawke Media and they donated a very generous $15,000 to Jordan, and a Coaching session to help Jordan figure out his long term business goals and marketing strategies.  Jordan used the funds to pay off personal expenses, and debts, bought a bed and couch, and took some of his family on their first vacation since the passing of their mother. He also used some of the funds to be able to keep "Good Deeds Buffalo" going for another 20 episodes after his appearance. 

Jordan James continues to be a force for positive change, breaking barriers, and creating spaces where everyone feels seen and supported. His multifaceted contributions, from reshaping FDA policies to fostering online communities, showcase a remarkable commitment to making the world a more inclusive and compassionate place.  Jordan wants everyone to know,  "I am not perfect, just positive, that each day that I wake up, I can be a better person and learn from the day before." 

Drew Photo w Jordan

How did Good Deeds Buffalo turn into Good Deeds America?

"Good Deeds America" is a remarkable evolution of "Good Deeds Buffalo," a local show that celebrated kindness and community initiatives in Western New York. The show's Executive Producer and Creator, Jordan James, found himself on the nationally syndicated "Drew Barrymore Show," where the uplifting stories of everyday heroes making a difference in their communities resonated with viewers across the country.

Buoyed by the success and positive feedback from the Drew Barrymore Show appearance, "Good Deeds Buffalo" started to gain traction beyond its local boundaries. With a growing audience and a clear vision for expansion, Jordan James and our production team set out to take "Good Deeds" beyond Buffalo. The decision to rebrand as "Good Deeds America" signified a shift in focus from a local showcase to a nationwide celebration of positive stories.

To realize our national expansion plans, "Good Deeds America" plans to forge strategic collaborations with TV stations and public access channels. These partnerships will allow the show to reach diverse audiences, sharing stories that reflect the kindness inherent in communities across America. Recognizing the power of the digital realm, "Good Deeds America" debuted online via streaming March 17th, 2024, with new episodes every Sunday!


Our online presence, including this dedicated website and social media channels, will serve as a hub for viewers nationwide to engage with uplifting content and become part of the positivity movement.

The transformation of "Good Deeds Buffalo" into "Good Deeds America" is a testament to the show's unwavering commitment to spreading kindness and positivity. From its humble beginnings in Western New York, the show has blossomed into a national movement, proving that the impact of goodness knows no bounds. The journey continues, and as "Good Deeds America" prepares to debut nationally, it invites audiences from coast to coast to join in the celebration of uplifting stories that inspire and unite us all.

The Production Team of Good Deeds America

Gary Hodge, Good Deeds America Associate Producer

Gary Hodge

Associate Producer

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Derrick Vigrass

Assistant Producer

Good Deeds America Production Staff

Karen Overhoff

Guest Services

The Good Deeds America Show Band

In a meeting of hearts dedicated to positive change, the collaboration between "Good Deeds America" and the acclaimed Inner City Bedlam, led by David Jonathan, came to fruition. The connection was rooted in community work, as Jordan, reached out to the band after previously knowing Paul from shared philanthropic events.

As Jordan shared the news of rebranding "Good Deeds Buffalo" and launching "Good Deeds America" a national show that aimed to inspire and uplift, the idea of having Inner City Bedlam as the show's official band sparked enthusiasm.


The band, known for its vibrant and soul-stirring performances, was seen as the perfect musical complement to the show's mission.

In a symbolic move, the collaboration kicked off with the creation of a unique theme song for the show, encapsulating the essence of "Good Deeds America."

The collaboration between "Good Deeds America" and Inner City Bedlam not only promises a harmonious blend of music and altruism but also sets the stage for a national show that is bound to leave an indelible mark on hearts across the country.

David Johnathan & inner city bedlam

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Stay updated on our journey as we make headlines, spreading positivity and kindness across the nation.

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