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Disclaimer: Artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize various tasks - Good Deeds America

AI Image - Good Deeds America
AI Image - Good Deeds America


At Good Deeds America, we harness the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize various tasks, including the rewriting of blog posts and specific paragraphs. It's essential to emphasize that our AI system undergoes meticulous training and constant oversight by human experts who ensure the content's quality and adhere to ethical standards.

Every piece of content generated by our AI is rigorously reviewed by our dedicated team before being published on our platforms. In our commitment to transparency, we make every effort to indicate whether content was created or enhanced by AI.

You'll notice an "Enhanced by AI" tag located at the bottom of the post, image, or video, providing you with full transparency about the content's origin.

As we grow, we recognize the value of human involvement in content creation. Plans are in motion to incrementally expand our human workforce for these tasks, contingent upon our budget. However, if budget constraints persist, we may continue relying on AI while maintaining our unwavering dedication to ethical content production.

Your understanding and trust in our commitment to delivering quality and transparent content are highly valued.

Good Deeds America Team

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