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365 Days of Kindness: Kim's Kindness Journey

In Buffalo, NY, a woman named Kim Borkowski has sparked a movement with her dedication to kindness. We first met her when she appeared on the "Good Deeds Buffalo" show and shared the mission of the "Kindness Buffalo" Facebook group that she started in June 2021. Her story is truly inspiring, and we couldn't be more amazed by her impact on her community.

Fast forward, and the group has gathered a community of over 1,500 followers, all dedicated to spreading kindness.

Despite battling acute myeloid leukemia, Kim's resilience shines through. Grateful for every day following her life-saving bone marrow transplant, she embarked on a remarkable mission. In celebration of her first transplant anniversary, Kim committed 365 acts of kindness, proving that kindness knows no bounds.

From leaving quarters at the laundry mat to donating to the SPCA, Kim's acts of kindness span the spectrum of compassion. Her dedication extended to helping the homeless, supporting cancer patients' families, and reaching out to the foster care system.

On her second transplant anniversary, despite a setback with a lung bleed, Kim's spirit remained unbroken. Upon her recovery, she marked the occasion by donating $365 to the SPCA, focusing on the care of senior dogs.

The "Kindness Buffalo" community continues to embody the spirit of compassion. During a recent snowstorm, followers shared stories of selfless acts, from shoveling neighbors' driveways to paying for drinks for hardworking linemen at a local restaurant.

Amidst her ongoing health battle, Kim extends an invitation to all who wish to join the "Kindness Buffalo" Facebook group. Whether contributing posts or finding inspiration, the group is a beacon of kindness and positivity.

As we continue to follow Kim's journey, we're reminded that even in the face of adversity, kindness can create a ripple effect, touching lives in unimaginable ways. It's important to note each member of "Kindness Buffalo" is a valued member spreading kindness daily in honor of their friend Kim.

Join us in celebrating Kim's unwavering spirit and the growing community of "Kindness Buffalo."


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