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Western New York Program Expands to Cities Nationwide - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Updated: Jan 13

“Good Deeds Buffalo” Rebranded to “Good Deeds America” as Positive Story-Telling Show Gains National Momentum - Good Deeds Buffalo,” the western New York-based show that celebrates and recognizes people whose acts of kindness positively impact others, is expanding to communities nationwide.

The show, which will be renamed “Good Deeds America,” will partner with local TV stations and public access channels to bring positivity to a broader audience. By forging these collaborations, the show aims to amplify its impact and inspire communities on a grassroots level. “Good Deeds America’ isn’t just a show; it’s a movement, said Good Deeds Creator and Executive Producer Jordan James. “ The new collaborations with media outlets will magnify our mission to celebrate people who embody kindness, inspire others to emulate these good Samaritans, and motivate communities at a grassroots level.”

“Good Deeds Buffalo” first gained national attention when James was a guest on the nationally syndicated “Drew Barrymore Show” in connection with “Good Deeds” and his successful “Pride Alliance Blood Drives.” The blood drives have helped save over 1,000 lives and advocate for the removal of federal regulations blood donation regulations that discriminate against LGBTQ+ blood donors.

After reaching a national platform, James decided to take the initiative online, ensuring that “Good Deeds” remains a beacon of positivity that is more accessible than ever.

Strategic Collaborations with Local TV Stations, Public Access and Companies:

Brien's Business Umbrella Accounting joins James, the show’s presenting sponsor for Season 1, aligning seamlessly with the show’s mission. Their sponsorship is a foundation for “Good Deeds America,” enabling the positive impact to resonate even further.

James is working with Buffalo-based 716 Live Studios located inside the Tri-Main Center for the show’s production. This collaboration designates 716live Studios as the production hub and editing space for the show, promising a season filled with high-quality storytelling and impactful narratives.

“Even though the show’s scope will be national, these partnerships with Buffalo-based businesses underscore my unwavering commitment to the Queen City, which will always be home to me,” noted James.

Watch Good Deeds America Online: “Good Deeds America” debuts online in

*Early 2024, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The show's website will be a hub for positivity, featuring episodes, behind-the-scenes content, and ways for viewers to get involved.

For interviews virtual or in-person, partnerships, or more information, contact: Jordan James, Executive Producer,

About Good Deeds America: Good Deeds America is an impactful interview-style show dedicated to showcasing and celebrating acts of kindness, community initiatives, and positive stories from across the nation. Founded by Jordan James, the show is an expansion of the successful Good Deeds Buffalo, with a mission to inspire and uplift audiences through the power of positivity.

*updated information.

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