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General FAQs

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General FAQ Image

Who will operate the purchased equipment?

Our dedicated team is well-equipped for the task. With three years of TV producing and hosting experience and strong computer literacy, Jordan James will lead the way. Assisting him is Derrick Vigrass, a volunteer assistant producer with a background in music production & electronics. Gary Hodge, an experienced professional in various aspects of media production, both in-studio and in the field, contributes his extensive expertise. Gary holds an Associate's degree from NCCC in Communications and Media Arts, a Bachelor's degree in communication/Journalism, Broadcasting, and speech, and a Master's in Public Relations and media production from Buffalo State University. He also possesses a graduate certification in Media Design and Production from U.B.

How can I send a Good News Story to Good Deeds America for their Good News America Segment?

To submit your Good News story to Good Deeds America, visit their official website and navigate to the "Submit Your story" or "Be on the Show" section. Fill out the form with the necessary details, attach any supporting materials, and click submit. Share your uplifting stories for a chance to be featured on the "Good News America" segment or on our social media!

Who is the host of Good Deeds America?

Jordan James is the charismatic and dedicated host of "Good Deeds America" and is most commonly known for "Good Deeds Buffalo." Jordan is passionate about highlighting positive stories and making a meaningful impact in communities; Jordan brings enthusiasm and authenticity to every episode. His commitment to showcasing acts of kindness, community service, and inspiring individuals has made both shows a beacon of positivity and goodwill. Join Jordan on the journey of spreading good deeds!

How can I nominate someone to be on Good Deeds America?

Complete the straightforward nomination form on our website or click the "Be on the Show" or "Submit a Story" tab. We're constantly looking for guests, stories, and good news! Jordan James is eager to receive your submissions!

Can you tell me more about "Good Deeds America"?

Good Deeds America is a positive and uplifting (television) show that showcases acts of kindness, community service, and inspiring stories across the United States. Hosted by Jordan James, the show aims to spread positivity, highlight the good in people, and inspire viewers to impact their communities positively. The content includes stories of individuals, organizations, and initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society. Good Deeds America encourages viewers to engage in acts of kindness and become a part of the broader movement for positive change.

Can you tell me more about Good Deeds Buffalo?

Good Deeds Buffalo was the precursor to Good Deeds America. It was a television show hosted by Jordan James that highlighted positive stories, good deeds, and inspiring individuals within the Buffalo, New York community. The show aimed to showcase the positive aspects of the region, featuring uplifting narratives, community service initiatives, and acts of kindness. Good Deeds Buffalo gained national recognition for its commitment to spreading positivity and was a platform for promoting goodwill in the local community. It even attracted celebrities like Drew Barrymore in 2022, as Jordan was a guest on the Nationally syndicated "The Drew Barrymore Show."

What inspired you to start the fundraising campaign?

After parting ways with our production partner, 716Live, we decided to bring the production of our show in-house due to changes in their business dynamics. However, we faced a significant challenge in terms of equipment. Although our team is well-qualified to operate it, our presenting sponsor's monthly pledge falls short of covering the required amount.

After completing "Good Deeds Buffalo," I committed to returning to TV under one condition: resolving major stressors related to securing a production facility or sponsor. These aspects are often the most challenging in any production, especially for a community-impact show like ours. To overcome this hurdle, I believed it was worth seeking support from the community to cover the substantial new upfront costs.

My friend Erik Huberman, a successful figure in the marketing world, suggested the idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign. Although we didn't meet our goal with that platform, supporters urged us to start another fundraising campaign. Considering his advice and input from others, I recognized the show's potential impact and decided to act. While acknowledging the larger issues at play, sometimes we can only influence so much individually. This show, however, has the potential to make a difference on a larger scale, as demonstrated by the impact of "Good Deeds Buffalo" through the 29 episodes we filmed.

Rewards Timeline:

Concerning rewards, they are slated to be credited or made redeemable approximately 1-2 weeks after your donation unless otherwise specified. If you meet the criteria for a Good Deeds America T-shirt or other items, you will be issued a coupon code for use on our website. For other items, we will reach out to coordinate delivery. If you haven't received an email within two weeks after your donation and for any reward-related inquiries, please contact

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes, you can donate anonymously. After contributing, please send us a direct message indicating that you prefer to keep your name private. We will use anonymity when announcing and acknowledging your support.

*Please note that the donations made to us are not eligible for tax deductions, as we are not registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our structure is more akin to supporting your favorite streamer or crowdfunding platform, where contributions are made to directly support our work.*

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