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My Daytime Buffalo Experience: Growing Beyond PTSD and Anxiety

Here's my take on my Daytime Buffalo Interview: how I am overcoming PTSD and anxiety to get here, and you can too!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the messages and calls I've received regarding my recent Daytime Buffalo interview. Thank you so much!

The journey to this point has been filled with hard work, not just on the Good Deeds America show but also on myself. I recognized that to succeed, I needed to embark on a journey of serious self-improvement. While I acknowledge that I still have much to learn and grow, today's experience affirmed that I'm moving in the right direction. Until recently, I haven't publicly shared the extent of my struggles. From April to August, the mere thought of being in a studio, facing a camera, or recording filled me with overwhelming pressure. Dealing with undiagnosed PTSD, compounded with a decline in my Generalized Anxiety Disorder, made every moment in front of the lens feel like a monumental challenge. However, as I sat down to speak with Chelsea today, despite feeling nervous, I found myself able to navigate through the discomfort, maintain composure, and articulate my thoughts—a feat that seemed impossible just a year ago.

The opportunity to meet Drew Barrymore took me completely by surprise and stands as one of the most monumental moments of my life. Not only did I realize one of my biggest aspirations, but I also found myself thrust into the spotlight nationally. The attention I received was different, given my role as a show host. Suddenly, I was inundated with friend requests and support from various platforms, both locally and beyond. However, amidst the flood of attention, I found myself questioning the authenticity of some connections. Were they drawn to me for who I am, simply because of the show, or perhaps Drew Barrymore? It became a struggle to discern genuine support from superficial interest, leading me to withdraw.

Nevertheless, I'm grateful for the opportunity to overcome this challenging chapter of my life and transition into the next phase with renewed determination and clarity.

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