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A Bright Future Ahead: KeyBank Foundation Supports Family Promise of WNY's Second Family Homeless Shelter! - Good News America

In a heartening Good News America story brought to you by Good Deeds America, we're excited to shine a light on a remarkable development in Buffalo, NY. The KeyBank Foundation has stepped forward, providing crucial funding to kickstart the development of Family Promise of WNY's second family homeless shelter.

Family Promise of WNy donations from KeyBank Foundation

With the KeyBank Foundation's uplifting gift, dreams begin to take shape as the community embarks on the journey to construct Family Promise of WNY's second family homeless shelter. This initiative is a powerful step toward empowering positive change and providing much-needed support.

Unity Woven in Community Threads: This collaborative narrative weaves a beautiful tapestry of unity within the community. The partnership between the KeyBank Foundation and Family Promise of WNY exemplifies the transformative impact that can be achieved when organizations join hands to create meaningful change.

Conclusion: As this chapter of hope unfolds, Good Deeds America is proud to share the news of the KeyBank Foundation's benevolent contribution. This Good News America story from Buffalo, NY, celebrates the resilience and kindness that can flourish when the community comes together to make a difference.

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