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WNY's Newest Platform Facilitates Nonprofits in Connecting with Volunteers, Sponsors, and Beyond!

Grand Island, NY – In a significant leap towards fostering community engagement, the "WNY Biz Board" proudly announces the launch of its user-friendly online directory. This locally-built platform is poised to revolutionize the way businesses and nonprofits connect with users and consumers across Western New York and the Finger Lakes.

Empowering Listings with Dynamic Features: WNY Biz Board's online directory stands out with its feature-rich listings, providing businesses and nonprofits with a robust online presence.

The key features include:

  • Optimized Listing Page: Present your business or nonprofit in the best light with an optimized description, contact information, an engaging photo gallery, and a comprehensive list of key services.

  • Update Posts: Stay connected with your audience by sharing the latest news, upcoming events, and exclusive product specials directly on your listing page.

  • Featured Social Media Posts: Amplify your reach through featured posts on WNY Biz Board's active Facebook and Instagram handles, ensuring increased visibility and engagement.

Exclusive Deals for Enhanced Connectivity: WNY Biz Board goes the extra mile to support community entities with exclusive deals:

  • Nonprofits: Benefit from special rates tailored for local nonprofit organizations.

  • Personal Blog/Pages: Enjoy special discounts on listings for local personal blogs and pages.

  • Local Franchises: Tailored packages are available for franchise businesses with 3-5 locations, ensuring widespread coverage

Elevate Your Online Presence Today!

Ready to enhance your visibility and connect with a broader audience? Visit to secure your listing in our local online directory.

For more information, contact Logan Benjamin at

About WNY Biz Board

Driven by a passion for community empowerment, WNY Biz Board is a locally built platform dedicated to supporting businesses and nonprofits in Western New York and the Finger Lakes. Join us on our journey to foster community success, both online and beyond! A New WNY Platform offers nonprofits a way to connect with potential volunteers, sponsors, and more!

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